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Syllabus for Intermediate College Algebra

Course Information

Prerequisite(s) An ASSET score of 39 or higher in Numerical Skills and 39 or higher in Elementary Algebra, 27 or higher in Intermediate
Algebra, or 26 or higher in College Algebra, OR COMPASS score of 24 or higher in the Algebra portion, OR S in MTH 098, OR
ACT score of 20 or higher or SAT score of 480 or higher on the Math portion, OR a Letter of Transience with specific semester
and course listed. Students are required to complete prerequisites for this course. Students who enroll without completing
prerequisites for this course may be withdrawn by the College and may not qualify for a refund of tuition. It is the responsibility
of the student to ensure that all course prerequisites are completed and documented at the College.
This course provides a study of algebraic techniques such as linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of
equations, and operations with exponents and radicals. Functions and relations are introduced and graphed with special
emphasis on linear and quadratic functions. This course does not apply toward the general core requirement for mathematics.
Student Learning
• Student will demonstrate competence in algebraic skills and concepts.
• Student will demonstrate competence in basic coordinate geometry.
• Student will demonstrate a basic knowledge of functions.
• Student will demonstrate competence in critical thinking skills.
Class days/ time Tuesdays/Thursdays 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Campus and
Class location
Room 2362 - Martin Campus
Last Date of
Monday, July 27
Make-up policy Students who who have an excused absence (see Standard College Policies sheet) and miss a test should:
• Contact your instructor before the next class meeting.
• Bring your instructor his or her copy of your documentation during Office or Student Hours. DOCUMENTATION IS
• Schedule your make-up.
Students who will miss a test because of official school events must arrange for make-up work prior to their absence.
textbook and
Course Materials
*Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and Graphing, 8thEdition
Authors: Lial, Hornsby, & McGinnis
*MyMathLab Starter Kit
Lessons Students have several options for learning the material in each section listed on the syllabus.
• Study the textbook and work through the examples
• Watch the Tegrity Videos (there is a link to these in Course Compass)
• View the Power Point Slides
• Watch the Video Lectures provided through Course Compass
Testing Tests may be paper/pencil, computer assessments, or a combination of both. Each major test may include up to
20% review material. Final Exam covers all material.
Course Compass
Both the homework and the quiz portion of a student’s grade will come from work on MyMathLab, through Course Compass.
Students have unlimited attempts on homework assignments, and 3 attempts on quizzes. Quizzes are due by midnight the day
before the test on which that section is covered. Homeworks are due by midnight Aug. 3. In order to take a quiz on a section,
you must meet the prerequisite score on the homework for that section.
Each student must have a MyMathLab student access kit. Course Compass ID: nix23077
Calculator use Calculators are allowed and encouraged in both class and on exams. However, programmable calculators that contain any
notes, formulas, etc. will be deemed as a violation of the academic misconduct policy and will not be allowed. Graphing
calculators may not be allowed on tests. Also, calculators, such as the TI 89, that perform skills and operations that students
are expected to know as part of the course objectives (factoring, etc.) will not be allowed. See your instructor if you have
questions. Also, there may be some portions of the tests or quizzes in which calculators will not be allowed. A calculator such
as the TI-30, TI-34, or TI-36 is recommended
Final Exam Thursday, August 6 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

College Policy Information

Students are expected to be honorable in all college assignments. Suspected cases of academic misconduct will
be reported to the Dean of Instructional Services.
SSCC Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered, to be prompt
and to remain in class/lab for the entire time. Attendance will be recorded at every class/lab meeting. On the final
grade report, instructors are required to identify the last day of attendance for all students who receive a grade of
“F” or “U.” Students who are unable to attend class regularly, regardless of the reason or circumstance, should
withdraw from the class. Withdrawal from class can affect eligibility for federal financial aid.
Standard College
The Standard College Policies apply to all classes at the college and are a part of every official course syllabus;
each student receives a copy when he or she completes the vehicle registration/waiver procedure. It is also
available from the College website, It is the responsibility of the student to have a copy of
these policies and to abide by them. This class syllabus is intended to give further detail about the policies and
expectations in this class.
Student Email
(Bucs Mail)
All students who are or have been registered for classes at Shelton State Community College are provided an email account.
Students who are currently registered must have an email account. Electronic mail is the official method of communication for
delivery of information. Shelton State designated communicators may use this email account to send official communications to
the student body. Student email addresses will be recorded in the college’s electronic directories and records.
Shelton State’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
Improving Student Success in Online Classes