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Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

Date Section Topic Certification
M 17-Aug Chapter 1.3b linear equations Certify 1.3b
W 19-Aug Chapter 1.1a names of real numbers Certify 1.1a
  Chapter 1.1b properties of real numbers  
F 21-Aug Chapter 1.6a Inequalities Certify 1.6a
M 24-Aug Chapter 1.4a literal equations Certify 1.4a
  Chapter 1.5 word problems Certify 1.5
T 25-Aug Due: 1.3b, 1.1a, 1.6a  
W 26-Aug Chapter 1.3c absolute value equations Certify 1.3c
  Chapter 1.6b absolute value inequalities Certify 1.6b
F 28-Aug Chapter 1.7 simplify integer exponents I Certify 1.7
M 31-Aug Chapter 1.8a simplify integer exponents II Certify 1.8a
  Chapter 1.8b scientific notation Certify 1.8b
T 1-Sep Due: 1.4a, 1.5, 1.3c, 1.6b, 1.7  
W 2-Sep Chapter 2.1b graph by plotting points Certify 2.1b
  Chapter 2.2 graphing by slope-intercept form Certify 2.2
F 4-Sep Chapter 2.3b finding the equation of a line Certify 2.3b
M 7-Sep Holiday    
W 9-Sep Review    
Th 10-Sep Due: 1.8ab, 2.1b, 2.2, 2.3b  
F 11-Sep Test 1    
M 14-Sep Chapter 2.4 functions, domain and range Certify 2.4
W 16-Sep Chapter 3.1b system of equations - substitution method Certify 3.1b
  Chapter 3.1c system of equations - addition method Certify 3.1c
F 18-Sep Chapter 3.2 word problems - Mixture & Investment Certify 3.2
M 21-Sep Chapter 1.5 ( 8 - 11 ) word problems - Uniform Motion Web Test - DRT
T 22-Sep Due: 2.4, 3.1bc, 3.2  
W 23-Sep Chapter 3.3 systems with 3 variables Certify 3.3
F 25-Sep Chapter 4.1b adding & subtracting polynomials Certify 4.1b
  Chapter 4.2a multiplying polynomials Certify 4.2a
M 28-Sep Chapter 4.3b divide polynomials Certify 4.3b
T 29-Sep Due: WebTest - DRT, 3.3, 4.1b, 4.2a  
W 30-Sep Chapter 4.4a factoring - GCF Certify 4.4a
  Chapter 4.4b factoring - squares Certify 4.4b
  Chapter 4.4d factoring - Trial and Error Certify 4.4d
F 2-Oct Chapter 4.5a special factoring - cubes Certify 4.5a
  Chapter 4.5b factor by grouping Certify 4.5b
M 5-Oct Review    
T 6-Oct Due: 4.3b, 4.4abd, 4.5ab  
W 7-Oct Test 2    
F 9-Oct Chapter 4.6 solve equations by factoring Certify 4.6
F 9-Oct Chapter 4.6 solve equations by factoring Certify 4.6
M 12-Oct Chapter 5.1a defining rational expressions Certify 5.1a
  Chapter 5.1b rational expressions Certify 5.1b
W 14-Oct Chapter 5.2 + - rational expressions Certify 5.2
F 16-Oct Chapter 5.3 complex fractions Certify 5.3
M 19-Oct Chapter 5.4a rational equations Certify 5.4a
T 20-Oct Due: 4.6, 5.1ab, 5.2, 5.3  
W 21-Oct Chapter 5.5 word problems Certify 5.5
F 23-Oct Chapter 5.5 word problems Certify 5.5
M 26-Oct Chapter 6.1b simplify radicals Certify 6.1b
  Chapter 6.1c division of radicals Certify 6.1c
T 27-Oct Due: 5.4a, 7.5, 5.5  
W 28-Oct Chapter 6.2 rational exponents Certify 6.2
F 30-Oct Chapter 6.3a addition & subtraction of radicals Certify 6.3a
  Chapter 6.3b multiplication of radicals Certify 6.3b
M 2-Nov Review    
T 3-Nov Due: 6.1bc, 6.2, 6.3ab  
W 4-Nov Test 3    
F 6-Nov Chapter 6.5 complex numbers Certify 6.5
M 9-Nov Chapter 7.1a quadratic equations: square root method Certify 7.1a
  Chapter 7.1b quadratic equations: complete the square Certify 7.1b
W 11-Nov Holiday    
F 13-Nov Chapter 7.2 quadratic formula Certify 7.2
M 16-Nov Chapter 7.3 word problems Certify 7.3
T 17-Nov Due: 6.5, 7.1ab, 7.2  
W 18-Nov Chapter 7.4 equations with radicals Certify 7.4
F 20-Nov Chapter 8.2 quadratic inequalities Certify 8.2
M 23-Nov Chapter 8.1 parabola Certify 8.1
  Chapter 8.4 parabola as conic sections Certify 8.4
T 24-Nov Due: 7.3, 7.4, 8.2  
W 25-Nov Chapter 8.5 circle Certify 8.5
  Chapter 8.6 ellipse and hyperbola Certify 8.6
F 27-Nov Holiday    
M 30-Nov Review    
T 1-Dec Due: 8.1, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6  
W 2-Dec Test 4    
F 4-Dec Chapter 8.3 graph radicals & absolute value Certify 8.3
  Chapter 9.3 graph exponential functions Certify 9.3
M 7-Dec Chapter 9.4 logarithmic functions Certify 9.4
W 9-Dec Review    
F 11-Dec Review    
? Final Exam    
T 15-Dec Due: 8.3, 9.3, 9.4  
? Final Exam