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Math Text Guide

Holt Mathematics Course 3 – Grade 8
Chapter 1-Quarter 1
Principles of Algebra: expression, integers, equations, inequality, absolute value, coefficient, opposites

Lesson Concept Skill MEBs Pacing
1.1 Writing & evaluating algebraic expressions F-5.8 1 day
1.2 Translate between algebraic expressions and word phrases F-5.8 1 day
1.3 Compare and order integers and to evaluate expressions containing absolute value B-8.8 1 day
1.4 Add integers B-19.7 (Review) 1 day
1.5 Subtract integers B-20.8 (Review) 1 day
1.6 Multiply & divide integers B-21.7
1 day
Quiz     1 day
HOL Model Solving Equations   Optional
1.7 Solve equations by adding or subtracting F-9.8 1 day
1.8 Solve equations by multiplying or dividing F-9.8 1 day
1.9 Solve and graph inequalities with addition and subtraction F-10.8 1 day
  Review   1 day
  Assessment   1 day


Chapter 2 (2.1-2.6) – Quarter 1
Rational Numbers: rational numbers, real numbers, reciprocal, least common denominator
Pre-assess this Chapter using the Chapter Test in the textbook page 109. Have students complete 1-29 odds only. Based on this pre-assessment use 5 days for interventions.

Lesson Concept Skill MEBs Pacing
  Pre-assessment   1 day
2.1 Equivalent forms of rational numbers B-11.7  
2.2 Comparing and ordering rational numbers B-11.7  
2.3 Adding & subtracting rational numbers B-23.7 & B-24.7  
2.4 Multiplying rational numbers B-25.7  
2.5 Dividing rational numbers B-25.7  
2.6 Adding & subtracting with unlike denominators B-23.7 & B-24.7  
  Intervention   5 days


Chapter 3 (3.1-3.6) and Chapter 12 (12.2) – Quarter 1
Graphs, Functions, and Sequences: functions, slope, sequence, linear equation, origin, range, domain, quadrant

Lesson Concept Skill MEBs Pacing
3.1 Write solutions of equations in two variables as ordered pairs C-9.8 1 day
3.2 Graph points and lines on the coordinate plane C-9.8 1 day
TL 3.2 Graph Points C-9.8  
3.3 Interpret information given in a graph or table and to make a graph to solve problems F-2.8 1 day
  Quiz   1 day
3.4 Represent functions with tables, graphs, or equations F-2.8 1 day
3.5 Using equations, tables, or graphs to represent the same data F-2.8 1 day
3.6 Identify and evaluate arithmetic sequences F-1.8 1 day
12.2 Find the slope of a lines and use slope to understand and draw graphs F-5.8 2 days
  Review   1 day
  Assessment   1 day


Chapter 4 – Quarter 2
*Exponents and Roots: exponents, scientific notation, square root, perfect square, Pythagorean Theorem, standard form, power, base

Lesson Concept/Skill MEBs Pacing
*4.1 Evaluate expressions with exponents B-8.8 1 day
*4.2 Evaluate expressions with negative exponents and evaluate the zero exponent   1 day
*4.3 Apply the property of exponents B-8.8 1 day
4.4 Express large and small numbers in scientific notation B-8.8 1 day
  Quiz   1 day
TL 4.4 Multiply and Divide Numbers in Scientific Notation   optional
*4.5 Find square roots and perfect squares B-7.8 1 day
4.6 Estimate square roots to a given number of decimal places B-7.8 1 day
TL 4.6 Evaluate Powers and Roots B-8.8 optional
*4.7 Determine if a number is rational or irrational   1 day
HOL4.8 Explore Right Triangles   optional
4.8 Use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems D-10.8 2 days
  Review   1 day
  Assessment   1 day

These are developing skills. Remind students that if they have trouble remembering the rules, they can use the expansion method.
Students will be using negative exponents and 0 power for the first time…be attentive to the problems assigned.


Chapter 5 – Quarter 2
Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity: ratio, proportion, unit rate, scale factor, conversion factor, dimensional analysis, rate

Lesson Concept/Skill MEBs Pacing
5.1 Find equivalent ratios to create proportions B-3.8 1 day
5.2 Work with rate, ratios, and unit rates B-3.8
1 day
5.3 Use dimensional analysis to convert from one unit to another B-3.8 D-3.8 3 day
(activities needed)
5.4 Solving Proportions B-3.8 C-4.8 1 day
  Quiz   1 day
HOL 5.5 Explore Similarity   optional
5.5 Similar Figures C-2.8 2 days
HOL 5.6 Explore Dilations   optional
5.6 Identify and create dilations of plane figures   optional
*5.7 Find measures indirectly by applying the properties of similar figures D-2.8 1 day
5.8 Make comparisons between and find dimensions of scale drawings, models, and actual objects D-15.7 1 day
HOL 5.8 Make a Scale Model   optional
  Review   1 day
  Test   1 day

*Developing skill