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Graduating high-school, I was one of the best math students in my class. Entering into college was humbling because suddenly I was barely average. So, my parents helped me pick out Algebra Professor and, within weeks, I was back again. Your program is not only great for beginners, like my younger brothers in high-school, but it helped me, as a new college student!
Ed Carly, IN

Before using the program, our son struggled with his algebra homework almost every night. When Matt's teacher told us about the program at a parent-teacher conference we decided to try it. Buying the program was one of the best investments we could ever make! Matts grades went from Cs and Ds to As and Bs in just a few weeks! Thank you!
Diane Flemming, NV

I do not have any issues. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad I purchased your product. I also appreciate the updates as they not only make for a better looking product, but things seem to be more user friendly now.
Leslie Smith, MA

Hi, I wanted to comment on your software, not only is it really easy to follow, but I can hide the step by step procedures, or choose to show them. Also, the fact that it explains how to use the rules.
Jessica Short, NJ

I love it. It is much easier to move around and the colors are easier on the eyes.
Dora Greenwood, PA

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