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My twins needed help with algebra equations, but I did not have the knowledge to help them. Rather then spending a lot of money on a math tutor, I found a program that does the same thing. My twins are no longer struggling with math. Thank you for creating a product that helps so many people.
Sean O'Connor

I am a mother of three, and I purchased the Algebra Professor software for my oldest son, to help him with his algebra homework, but my younger sons seen how easy it was to use, now they have a head start. Thank you for such a great, affordable product.
Dale Morrisey, Fl

I usually don't send in a testimonial like this but I really had to say Algebra Professor took the edge off my math problems. Thanks a bunch.
Laura Keller, MD

Thanks to the creators of the software. The context sensitive help on any topic of algebra made me clear my basics of mathematics. A very very useful tool ..
Sharon Brightwell, WA

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