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I purchased the Personal Algebra Tutor (PAT). The system is not has functional as I wanted or expected, and there are several problems it will not solve, or certain problems will freeze up the system. The program is OK but there are too many limitations and several technical issues. It took three e-mail from their tech support just to activate the program.
Dr. Stephen Wordell, KA

If anybody needs algebra help, I highly recommend 'Algebra Professor'. My son had used it and he has shown tremendous improvement in this subject.
Lee Wyatt, TX

WOW! I had no idea how easy this really was going to be. I just plug in my math problems and learn how to solve them. Algebra Professor is worth every cent!
Horace Wagner, MO

All in all, this is a very useful, well-designed algebra help tool for school classes and homework.
Leonardo Groh, OH

My fourteen year-old son, Bradley, was considered at-risk by his school. But, I couldnt make him listen to me. Then when a teacher at his school, Mr. Kindler bless his heart, got him to try an after-school program, it was like a miracle! I wouldnt say Bradley became a model student but he was no longer failing his math classes. So when I found out that Mr. Kindler based his entire program on using Algebra Professor, I just had to write this letter to say Thank You! Imagine that!
Lydia Sanders, CA

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