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I purchased your software to help my daughter with her algebra homework, the Algebra Professor software was very easy to understand and it really took a big burden off.
L.J., Utah

It is tremendous. Any difficult problem and I get the step-by-step. Not seen anything better than this. All that I can say is it seems I got a personal tutor for me.
K.S., Texas

Thanks so much for the explanation to help solve the problems so I could understand the concept. I appreciate your time and effort.
Candice Murrey, OR

At first, I was under the impression your software was aimed at the elementary and high school level, so I didnt use it at all. Finally, one night I on a whim I tried it out and, after getting past the initial learning curve, was just blown away at how advanced it really is! I mean, Ill be using all the way through my BS in Anthropology!
M.H., Illinois

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