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convert decimal to fraction
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Registered: 05.09.2003

post url Posted: Monday 25th of Dec 08:05    

Hi guys I require some direction to unravel this convert decimal to fraction which I’m unable to do on my own. My test on math is due and I need help to work on linear inequalities, factoring polynomials and fractional exponents . I’m also thinking of hiring a math tutor but they are expensive. So I would be very much appreciative if you can extend some assistance in solving the problem.
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Registered: 11.03.2004
From: Netherlands

post url Posted: Monday 25th of Dec 19:05    

Don’t sound so dismayed. I know exactly what you are going through right now. When I used to be a student , we didn’t have much of a hope in such a situation , but these days thanks to Algebra Professor my son is doing wonderfully well in his math classes. He used to have problems in topics such as convert decimal to fraction and adding fractions but all his questions were answered by this one easy to use tool known as Algebra Professor. Try it and I’m sure you’ll do well tomorrow.
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Registered: 18.04.2004
From: In the stars... where you left me, and where I will wait for you... always...

post url Posted: Tuesday 26th of Dec 10:11    

When I was in college, I faced similar problems with quadratic equations, converting fractions and converting fractions. But this superb Algebra Professor helped me through all my Algebra 1, Remedial Algebra, and Basic Math. I simply typed in a problem from my workbook, and step by step solution to my algebra homework would appear on the screen by clicking on Solve. I truly recommend the Algebra Professor.
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Registered: 29.12.2005
From: Houston

post url Posted: Thursday 28th of Dec 08:43    

Hello again. Thanks a lot for the beneficial advice. I usually never trust math programs; however, this piece of program seems worth trying. Can I get a link to it?
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Registered: 20.12.2001

post url Posted: Friday 29th of Dec 13:24    

Yeah, I do. Click on this and I promise you that you’ll have no algebra problems that you can’t solve after using this software .
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