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This algebra software has an exceptional ability to accommodate individual users. While offering help with algebra homework, it also forces the student to learn basic math. The algebra tutor part of the software provides easy to understand explanations for every step of algebra problem solution.
D.H., Tennessee

The step-by-step process used for solving algebra problems is so valuable to students and the software hints help students understand the process of solving algebraic equations and fractions.
Judy McDonald, TX

I am a mother of three, and I purchased the Algebra Professor software for my oldest son, to help him with his algebra homework, but my younger sons seen how easy it was to use, now they have a head start. Thank you for such a great, affordable product.
Margie Tate, VA

I recommend the Algebra Professor to students who need help with fractions, equations and algebra. The program is a great tool! Not only does it give you the answers but it also shows you how and why you come up with those answers. I've shown my students how to use the program during some of our lessons. A couple of them even bought the program to help them out with their algebra homework.
Craig Reynolds, DE

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