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This version is 1000 times better then the last. It's easier to use and understand. I love it! Great job!
Dora Greenwood, PA

I bought Algebra Professor last year, and now its helping me with my 9th Grade Algebra class, I really like the step by step solving of equations, it's just GREAT !
M.H., Georgia

I do like the layout of the software, and the user friendliness I have loaded it on my kids computer for them to use for homework.
Lee Wyatt, TX

I am a 9th grade student and always wondered how some students always got good marks in mathematics but could never imagine that Ill be one of them. Hats off to Algebra Professor! Now I have a firm grasp over algebra and my approach to problem solving is more methodical.
A.R., Arkansas

I love it. It is much easier to move around and the colors are easier on the eyes.
Reggie Thompson, Houston, TX

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