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I was really struggling with the older version... so much I pretty much just gave up on it. This newer version looks better and seems easier to navigate through. I think it will be great! Thank you!
Kara Lyssa, WI

I work as a Chemist in the biotech industry and found that no matter how I tried to help my daughter there just seemed to be too many years between our maths. Shes having difficulty with her algebra. A colleague suggested your product and he was right. Its given my daughter a sense of pride that she can now do all her homework on her own. Thanks.
David E. Coates, AZ

Your program saved my grade this semester. It didn't just help me with my homework, it taught me how to solve the problems.
Blaine Milham, MH

I love it. It is much easier to move around and the colors are easier on the eyes.
Sonja Goyco, MS

I just finished using Algebra Professor for the first time. I just had to let you know how satisfied I am with how easy and powerful it is. Excellent product. Keep up the good work.
Brian Cook, CO

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