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As a single mom attending college, I found that I did not have much time for my daughter when I was struggling over my Algebra homework. I tried algebra help books, which only made me more confused. I considered a tutor, but they were just simply to expensive. The Algebra Professor software was far less expensive, and walked me through each problem step by step. Thank you for creating a great product.
Jeff Ply, CO

I was confused initially whether to buy this software or not. But in five days I am more than satisfied with the Algebra Professor. I was struggling with quadratic equations and inequalities. The logical and step-bystep approach to problem solving has been a boon to me and now I love to solve these equations.
B.C., Florida

I'm not much of a math wiz but the Algebra Professor helps me out with fractions and other stuff I need to know for my math appreciation class in college.
Steve Canter, CA

As a teacher, much of my time was taken up by creating effective lesson plans. Algebra Professor allows me to create each lesson in about half the time. My kids love it because I can spend more time with them! Once they are old enough, I hope they will find this program useful as well.
Mario Certa, CA

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