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As a private tutor, I have found this program to be invaluable in helping students understand all levels of algebra equations and fractions.
Tina Washington, TX

Algebra Professor is a great product. I love how easy it is to use, and how easy it makes algebra seem.
Katherine Tsaioun, MA

I've been using your system, and it breezed through every problem that couldn't be solved by PAT. I'm really impressed with the user friendly setup, and capabilities of your system. Thanks again!
Tommy Hobroken, WY

I can no longer think of math without the Algebra Professor. It is so easy to get spoiled you enter a problem and here comes the solution. Recommended!
Dana White, IL

My sister bought your software program for my kids after she saw them doing their homework one night. As a teacher, shed recognized the value in a program that provided step-by-step solutions and good explanations of the work. My kids love it.
L.Y., Utah

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